Garage conversion experts in Staford

The benefits of a garage conversion.

  • It adds value
  • Maximising space
  • Adapting your home to your changing lifestyle
  • More space for hobbies
  • You might not need planning permission
  • It’s cost-effective
  • It’s less disruptive
  • An extension creates a quiet space

We are garage conversion experts based in Stafford and we cover the Midlands area. A garage conversion is an affordable way of transforming existing space into something more functional while also adding more value to your home.  In many properties the garage tends to go under utilised. It can become a dumping ground for unused items and tools, when it could be helping the property owner to maximise the potential of their home.

A garage conversion allows you to optimise the available space you already have and use it to meet the changing needs of your family.

The benefits of a garage conversion.

It adds value

A successful garage conversion will add extra value to your home. It is a fact that the more available space a house has. The more attractive the property will be to buyers should you decide to move in the future.

Maximising space

Far too many householders don’t maximise the space they have in the garage. However, with an extension, the garage can provide vital extra room. All without the need to move to another property and the stress that goes with it.

Adapting your home to your changing lifestyle

A garage conversion is an ideal way of adapting your home to your changing lifestyle. You might have children in the house who are getting older and want to feel more independent. Or your family circumstances could suddenly change and you need more space for an elderly relative. The garage space could provide an extra bedroom and bathroom.

More space for hobbies

A garage allows the extra room needed for participating in a new or existing hobby, or you might want to make space for a gym. A garage conversion can provide all of this –  and more.

You might not need planning permission

A major advantage of a garage conversion over an extension is you might not need planning permission. It is necessary to check with your local council. But if the exterior of the house/garage is to remain unchanged it is unlikely that you would need permission.  Not only will this save money. It will also be much less stressful as you won’t have to deal with local planning departments.

It’s cost-effective

If you’ve got a limited budget, but you could still benefit from additional room, a garage conversion could be a viable option.  Garage conversions are much more affordable than extensions –  and it will still add extra value to your home.

It’s less disruptive

Another benefit of opting for a garage conversion is they don’t take long to complete. Extensions are often time consuming and some people find them disruptive, but this is less of a problem with a conversion. Depending on the complexity, a garage conversion can be completed in a matter of weeks.

An extension creates a quiet space

Most people appreciate a bit of quite space. A garage conversion can be used to help create a peaceful environment in the home. Use it for studying if you have teenagers in the house, or if you need extra space to work or run a small business.

Of course if a garage conversion does not give you enough space why not consider a custom home extension.



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