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Detailed below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding home extensions.

How long does a home extension typically take?

The length of time will vary on a project to project basis. When we meet with you to ascertain your full requirements, and have a fuller understanding of what the project requires we’ll be able to give you a more detailed timeline.

However, an average single storey extension can take up to twelve weeks.

Will I need planning permission?

It is not always necessary to obtain planning permission before building a home extension, however, if it is required we can talk you through the process and help manage this side of the project for you. Further information about planning permission can be found here.

Do building regulations apply to an extension?

Many extensions will be subject to building regulations, however, some are exempt. Details of these exemptions can be found here.

What are the typical costs involved and is it possible to save money?

The cost of an extension will vary on a project to project basis. AJG Construction will be able to give you a fuller idea of the costs when we have a better understanding of the amount of work involved and any special requirements. We’ll work with you to determine the most cost effective way of completing the project to help you keep within budget.

Does an extension really add value to my home?

Extra floor space will add extra value to your home. Some experts estimate an extension can add up to 23% in the value of a property.

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