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Top Ten Renovation Ideas

Published on Wednesday, 6th September 2017

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Top Ten Renovation Ideas
Renovation is like Marmite. Homeowners love it, or they hate it. There’s no middle ground for renovations – only stages of renovation… from room renovations to full scale house renovations.

Top ten renovation tips

There are some simple rules for home renovation ideas that can add value and enjoyment to any home. First impressions still count, but the two main rooms, the bathroom and the kitchen can make the difference between a home being out of style, or bang on trend. And you don’t need to spend a lot to get a great looking home upgrade.

1. First impressions count
A new front door, porch or driveway can all make a huge difference to your property – and they’re particularly important if you’re thinking of selling your house in the near future. Similarly, a new window, or set of windows will add value and make your home look super-stylish.

2. Open-plan living
Open plan is the style of the decade and looks set to stay. It’s easily achieved by knocking through existing rooms to create a spacious living space. Take a look at our guide to open plan living to understand what you need to know before beginning your renovations.

3. Storage
Storage is vital if a) you have a family and b) you’ve gone for the open-plan living option. If you have both then you’re going to really need to step up your storage options. Use space wisely – build cupboards under your stairs and in alcoves. Add shelves to hallways and above doors. And, as a wise woman once told us: you can’t tidy up if you don’t have a place for everything (thanks, Mum 🙂 ). Most homes can be easily altered to adapt to your unique storage requirements.

4. Fireplaces
They’re in and out of fashion faster than ra-ra skirts, but they’re such a central focus of a living room space. Update a fireplace easily, by removing the surround and replacing it, or go the whole hog and rip it out and start again. Repurposed or vintage fireplaces can be found easily, but always get an expert to fit it for you.

5. Kitchen
Refurbishing your kitchen will add the wow factor as well as making you feel like you have a brand-new home! From ultra-sleek modern fitted kitchens, to a more classic look with a range cooker and tiles, you can transform a house with a new kitchen. Consider whether making space for a table would improve your family routines, or whether you can change your room around for a more usable space. Of course, there are myriad of ways that you can upgrade a kitchen without disrupting your home. New cabinet doors or new worktops are a cost-effective and simple option.

6. Bathroom
A bathroom renovation or improvement can be as easy as changing the shower style and adding in a pump, to ripping out the whole room and starting again. And whichever you choose you’ll get so much from it. If you’re planning a family (or already have one) think about the future – double sink units and a separate shower for those busy mornings. Always fancied a freestanding bath? They’re more affordable than you think and can make a bathroom look stunning. As always, get advice from your builder, who will ensure that you get the right features and bathroom furniture for your needs – like a shower suitable for your water pressure. Of course, new tiles and new flooring will also update a bathroom instantly, too.

7. Garden
If you have green fingers you’ll already know the power of a stunning garden. If not, then it’s time to get some expert advice. A well-designed garden will function as another room in your home (and add considerable value, too). From a well-manicured lawn, to a BBQ area, or firepit and built-in play area, gardens are transformative.

It can be something as simple as creating a patio, or adding a water feature, or you can invest in a garden room complete with heating, shower room, not forgetting that all important Wi-Fi connection. Turn your garden into a stunning al fresco dining terrace to enjoy long summer nights. The options are endless!

8. Extension
Even the smallest extensions can add a huge improvement to a home. Whether it’s just a metre or so to add a utility room for a family full of rugby players (and an outside bath to clean them in!), or a ground floor additional bedroom for ageing parents, extensions are a way of giving you that extra space you need without resorting to moving home. What you’d save on stamp duty and moving fees alone makes it worthwhile. Not to mention the stress of all that packing *shudder*. A good builder will be able to recommend architects (if you need them) or work with you to make the most of ideas and plans of your own. Some extensions are allowed under ‘permitted’ improvement planning rules and won’t need any special planning permission at all.

9. New flooring
A great way to update a home is with new flooring. Changing carpet to laminate or wood and vice versa will be enough to make it feel like a New York loft apartment, or cosy country cottage. You could even go mad and go for a polished concrete look, which will project you straight into the LA feel. Just don’t forget to chuck out your chintz, too!

10. Garage conversion
We bet you can’t fit your car into your garage. There’s either too much junk in there, or your car just doesn’t fit. Make a new room by converting your garage. Garage conversions often make excellent kitchen extensions (as they frequently back onto the kitchen space in a home). Similarly, they make excellent office or playroom space, away from the main living area. For those of us with aging parents (or troublesome teens), they can also make a brilliant additional living space with kitchenette and/or en-suite facilities too.

As with all home improvement projects, you can create your own ideas and get to work, or you can seek advice from an expert in the field. At AJG, we work closely with our clients to deliver the best renovations and refurbishments that are as great to live in as they are to look at. From design ideas to supply to expert fit and build, we can help turn your ideas into reality however large or small.

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