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How to save energy around the home

Published on Sunday, 1st July 2018

Categories: Home Improvement

In the middle of a UK heatwave it may be a long way from your mind to consider your home’s heating arrangements but with energy costs on the rise, it is important for homeowners to take steps to commit to energy saving if they want lower bills. Read on for our useful advice on how to save energy around the home.

How to save energy around the home

Shopping around for your energy supplier is always a good place to start when you are looking to reduce your energy bills, but there are plenty of things that you can take control of right now around your home that can really help to reduce your energy consumption.

Individually, each little thing that you can do might not save you very much energy, but collectively they can really add up and help you to reduce your bills and energy consumption. Many of these ideas are things that you can do yourself, however there are some that will require you to get an expert in.

Light Bulbs and heating

Switching to LED light bulbs is a great way to save energy. They use a fraction of the energy of traditional bulbs. It is true that the initial outlay to replace all the bulbs in your home might seem steep, but they will last longer and reduce your energy bills over time making them a necessary investment. The Energy Saving Trust has some helpful information on the types of bulbs available. You could also consider a Nest smart thermostat. A Nest smart home is one which has heating and lighting that can be controlled remotely from your home (as well as security cameras, smoke detectors, doorbells and locks!). You can log in and switch off and on at will, allowing you to save on heating bills. You can program your heating schedule to be different every day to suit your own lifestyle and also set it to holiday mode whereby you could have it operating on a minimum level and even turn on the heating for you, so your home is warm for your return. If you’d like to know more, then AJG, as qualified Nest installers, can help go over the benefits and savings you could expect.


A huge amount of energy is lost from the home each year due to lack of insulation. Whilst you will need to get the experts in if you want to put in cavity wall insulation or insulate your loft space, there are a few smaller things that you can do yourself. Good quality thicker curtains and draught excluders on your external doors are small but very effective ways to keep your home warmer in the winter. This means you won’t need to turn the heating up increasing your energy consumption and of course your bills.

Insulating your loft space and your cavity walls can instantly make your home feel warmer and is well worth paying for. It can also be worth having your roof checked whilst you are having your loft done, as damage to your roof can make your home less energy efficient. This is one job we’d recommend seeking professional assistance with.

Double glazing

If you don’t have double glazing (or even triple) throughout your home, then this should be high on your list for saving money and energy around the home. Single glazed windows will make your house much colder (and less valuable), and if there are gaps in your windows, due to poor fitting or wooden frames that have warped slightly over time, then this will also be adding to your energy consumption as all the heating you are paying for going straight out of the window.

Electrical items

Turn off any unnecessary electricals when they are not in use. This includes taking your phone, or tablet, off charge when it has reached 100%. Don’t leave your television on standby. Turn it off when you go to bed. All these devices will be using electricity when you don’t need them to be.

Only boiling enough water in your kettle for the drink you are making is also a great way to cut down on your electricity consumption as well. A single mug of water takes a lot less time to boil than a full kettle.

White Goods

If you are looking to replace any of the white goods in your home, then always pay close attention to the energy rating of the ones you are considering and work out which one will be best for you. A washing machine with a half load cycle can be a very practical for a smaller household or even one where you will need to wash a smaller load urgently; like the PE kit festering in the pump-bag your child forgot about. If you are having a new kitchen installation discuss these options with your fitters.

Smart meters

Love them or loathe them, one thing we’ve heard our customers say about smart meters is that they really do help you identify the power vampires throughout their home. Smart meters make it super-simple to see exactly which devices from kettles to hair-straighteners that are the most power-hungry, right down to how much they are costing you per minute in cold hard cash!

If you’d like further energy-saving home-improvement tips get in touch or head over to our FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn or Instagram pages for more inspiration.

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