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Loft Conversions in & around Staffordshire

What can you gain from a loft conversion?

  • Added value
  • You can avoid the stress of moving
  • You shouldn’t need planning permission
  • An extra bedroom/bathroom
  • It makes the most of existing space
  • Added versatility
  • Extra workspace

Loft conversions are enormously popular among householders in Staffordshire due to the many advantages they offer. A loft conversion will change underused space into a room that is suitable for a multitude of purposes, while adding more value to your property.

There are different options available, such as a dormer conversion or a roof window conversion; depending on the suitability of the property, a conversion gives the homeowner some flexibility.

What can you gain from a loft conversion?

Added value

The more available square feet your house has, the higher perceived value the property will have; this will be to your advantage should you decide to move at some point in the future. It is estimated that a loft conversion can add around 20% to the value of your home, and creating extra space is an effective way of make a property more appealing to buyers.

You can avoid the stress of moving

Many homeowners crave extra room, but they don’t want to move from their current location as the process is often too stressful. And with house prices so high, many families aren’t in a position when they can consider buying a new property. A loft conversion will give the extra space you’ll need and allow you to stay in your own home.

You shouldn’t need planning permission

Converting existing loft space is likely to come under permitted planning provided that it won’t result in any changes to the exterior of the property; this will significantly reduce the costs involved in completing the refurbishment, and it will also help to keep the costs lower. However, you will need to check with your local council first to ensure that you don’t need planning permission as it might still apply to certain properties.

An extra bedroom/bathroom

Many homes can benefit from an extra bedroom or bathroom. You might have a growing family or you could just want some extra space for friends to stay over. Alternatively, it could be necessary to add another bedroom to the house to cater for the needs of an older relative, or you could want extra space so you can take in a lodger. Whatever your reason, a loft conversion will provide the additional room you need.

It makes the most of existing space

If you want more space in your home, there are usually two main options: a conversion or extension. An extension will often encroach on the space in your garden or other area of your land but by converting the existing space, you can maximise the room you already have without losing space around your property.

Added versatility

A loft conversion offers extra versatility in your home and it can be used for whichever purpose you choose. Whether you want a games room, extra space for a new hobby, a place to relax in, or a study, a loft conversion is a solid option.

Extra workspace

If you plan on setting up a business, a loft conversion can give the space you need to run your business without having to rent an office on an ongoing basis.


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