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Do I need an architect?

Published on Tuesday, 11th September 2018

Categories: Decor and Design, Extensions, Home Improvement, Refurbishment, Renovation

If you’re planning a new build and you have a solid vision for how you want the project to appear when it is finished, you may be considering whether to involve an architect at all. If you have a good building design in mind and the team with which to begin building, do you really need the extra expense of hiring an architect to look over the plans you have already drawn up?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Yes, you should always include an architect in your building project as their wealth of knowledge and expertise is invaluable. And, going it alone could cost you dearly in the long run.

But don’t just take our word for it; there are many excellent reasons for involving an architect on your building projects.

Architects help to add value to your build

You may relish the thought of the initial expense of hiring an architect if you already have a building design in mind, but rather than costing you money; a good architect will add plenty of extra value to the final build project and may even help save you money by suggesting more cost-effective design ideas along the way that you may not have considered.

Managing director Carl Croft, from Croft Architecture advises;

“Without the expert knowledge, experience and protection of using an architect, your building project is an extremely high-risk venture.

Working with an architect will get you a special, bespoke building tailored to your needs that maximises the value of your site with your available budget. Using a qualified architect’s experience and professional accreditation manages your risks and avoids potential problems, giving you a building that either costs less, or is a much better building for your money. At project completion, you will enjoy the experience of your new building, unstressed, and without many of the battle scars carried by others.

In short, using an architect gives you a much better investment.”

Whilst you may believe you have a solid design for your building, an architect will have the experience and vision required to create a future-proof project plan which minimises risk and works within your budget to create an appealing space which you will be able profit from when you come to sell it on the open market.

Architecture is just about looking good

An architect can help you to create more than just an attractive looking building project upon completion. Architects are creative in nature and are capable of designing innovative and beautiful spaces but they also have the professional knowledge and experience of working within legislative guidelines.

There are many rules and regulations which must be adhered to when designing and building a new project, no matter what type of structure you are building. Failure to consider building or local council regulations could see your project shut down before it’s begun or, much worse, seeing it demolished after completion!

Director Stephen Prior from Prior Architects knows all too well the value of an architect’s experience;

“Whether you’re looking to build a commercial skyscraper, a new home or even a small extension, it’s the small details that make or break a construction project. Designing a ceiling or wall to align with some existing construction, modelling how daylight will enter a space and how the space can be used are all facets of the role of an architect. And whilst considering all aesthetics, an architect will ensure that the proposals comply with all relevant legislation such as building regulations, planning law and even accessibility. The end user should be the forefront of the initial concept design so it’s the client’s brief that shapes a project and the architect’s understanding, expertise and artistic flare that makes the dream a reality. The added value that an architect can bring to your project is priceless and one should always be the centre of a project to ensure that it is driven to achieve beautifully, functional buildings.”

Spend money now and save in the future

Not hiring an architect to help design and consult on your building project can be a costly mistake. Not only would you be missing out on their creative talents, but without their knowledge of building regulations you could find your project falling foul of the building inspector; adding extra time and costs on to your project budget and timeline.

Hiring a qualified and reputable architect can help to ensure that your project doesn’t run into any problems, completes on budget and leaves you with a building that is unique to your own way of living as well as attractive to the open market.

At AJG Construction we work closely with highly reputable local architects to ensure the very best outcome for our clients on medium to large-scale commercial and residential build projects, get in touch to learn more.

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