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How to babyproof your bathroom

Published on Friday, 13th July 2018

Categories: Bathrooms

As babies begin exploring, it quickly becomes necessary to turn your attention to the important task of babyproofing the home. It’s time to make sure that everything possible has been done to ensure the safety of your newly exploring and very curious infant.

How to babyproof your bathroom

The first room that springs to mind when you consider babyproofing, is understandably the kitchen. There are all sorts of dangers that lurk in your kitchen, from knives to the hob to the cooker; especially if it is low-level. For most people, the kitchen also houses the washing machine which can also be dangerous to inquisitive young children – and, of course, all those detergents hiding out under the sink!

Often the other rooms you might consider babyproofing will be receptions rooms. These are the rooms that have cupboards that can easily be opened and plenty of sharp corners on the furniture that can be dangerous for exploring infants, who can fall and hurt themselves very easily as they begin to move around the house, not to mention trapped fingers in doors, ouch!

The bathroom, however, may not be very high on many people’s safety list. After all, your child is unlikely to be in there without you. However, accidents can, and do, happen in the blink of an eye, so it is important to make sure your whole house is baby-proofed because unfortunately children get everywhere, and it is almost impossible to keep an eye on them at all the time, so read on for some important babyproofing tips so make your home completely child-friendly.

Babyproofing the bathroom

The quickest and simplest way in which you can babyproof your bathroom is to move bottles from low shelves and put them into cupboards. Make sure you fit cupboard latches too, so that your baby can’t get on to the cupboards. You can also get rather nifty catches that you can fit to your toilet to stop your baby throwing things into the bowl or worse, trying to get in there themselves. If you use rim block toilet cleaners that hang under the rim of your toilet and work when you flush, we would recommend removing these at all costs as all small children go through the phase of putting things in their mouths – we know first-hand that one of our client’s children did just that mistaking a pretty lilac coloured toilet freshener for something edible and having to be rushed to hospital! In addition, we would also recommend fitting a soft-close toilet seat – imagine a hard wooden seat crashing down on tiny fingers – painful!

Look around you

If you have been in your property for several years, sometimes it’s easy to miss the things it may be time to replace.  Look at your bathroom with a fresh pair of parenting eyes, and you may notice a few things that need a safety upgrade.  Perhaps there are some rough edges or tiles, or exposed pipework that could injure your baby if they were to touch them. Or, perhaps the flooring is uneven and slippery. Often, vinyl flooring over tile is a popular choice for parents of small children whose unsteady feet are less able to grip. If all your bottles are stored on open shelves, then we’d advise moving them higher out of reach or opt for a child-safe cupboard catch.

You might not have considered renovating the bathroom yet, but it could be the perfect time to consider it. A complete bathroom refurbishment will give you the flexibility to make all those changes you have been dreaming about that could make a real difference to bathroom safety. Choose a company who will not only fit your new bathroom, paying great attention to little details, but who will also work with you every step of the way. Perhaps you have been considering the possibility of changing the layout of your bathroom. If so, we can help you do just that; offering you the guidance you need to make sure that the visions you have for your bathroom will work for the whole family.

Stress Free Bathroom Fitting

Having an entire room refitted can be a stressful process but we aim to make it as stress-free as possible for our clients. We offer support at every step of the process and can order and supply all the materials to complete your bathroom refit, including the suite if you prefer. This is often a popular choice for new parents, making the whole process quick, simple and hassle-free at this busy time.

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