How to add value to my home

A much more straightforward and far cheaper option is to improve your home, not move. By doing so, you’ll add value to your property and also fall in love with it all over again!

AJG Construction is a local business, based in Staffordshire, where loft conversions and garden room extensions are really popular. Here’s our best advice on how to add value to your home.

Liveability vs value
First thing’s first, ask yourself this question: ‘Are you improving to better enjoy your space, or to improve the value of your home to sell it. Or a little of both?’

Investing to sell requires some honest questions, such as: would a simple bathroom and kitchen renovation add the value I’m looking for, rather than that extension you’ve secretly fancied for years.

AJG’s top tips of value-earners

  • Loft conversion
  • Garage conversion
  • Driveway
  • Additional bathroom, or en-suite
  • New kitchen
  • New bathroom

Going for it
You’ve decided you’ve outgrown your space. You’ve too many kids (or pets), or both and you need a little more breathing space. What really do you need? Everyone’s breathing space needs are different.

For example, we know of families who’ve installed a second bathroom as the kids turn into teens and there aren’t enough showers in the house! Similarly, if the kids are into football or rugby every weekend a utility room can be a lifesaver when you can shout, “Go around to the back door” at them, ready for washing that kit (again). You might be considering adding to your family or working from home – all of which will require different extensions or refurbishments.

Whatever improvement you decide on, choose your builder or fitters carefully. See here for tips on choosing a bathroom installer or builder. The same rules apply for all improvements.

Convert the garage
Do you know anyone who keeps their car in their garage? Other than your Nan maybe. No, neither do we. A garage conversion can be one of the most cost-effective ways of adding value to your home, either through a full conversion or partial conversion. Instead of making a new room, simply add more space to an existing room. It’s likely you won’t need planning permission and you can even keep the front the same and store your bikes in there. You could add between 10 and 20% to the value of your home.

Loft conversion
One of the most popular ways to add valuable space to a home is a loft conversion. As a family grows, parents can enjoy a brand-new bedroom on the next floor up! Another bedroom, often paired with an en-suite makes a fabulous master suite. Again, a good loft conversion can add, on average, around 21% to the value of your home – and far more to the quality (and quantity if you’re lucky) of your sleep! Adding an en-suite can be easy for a surprising amount of rooms, if you can’t do a loft conversion. Chopping out the corner of a bedroom and using space-saving suites can instantly add value to your home.
Driveway or patio
Adding an attractive driveway to your home adds a surprisingly high value to your home – around 10%. You may need planning permission, which will reduce your overall profit, but done well, it’ll not only add value but add that essential wow factor when potential buyers arrive (or the in-laws!). All are equally as important!

Conservatories and garden rooms
Improving the value of your home and the enjoyment of living in your home go hand-in-hand with a conservatory or garden room. The trend of living with an open kitchen garden room has been around for a while now and doesn’t seem likely to change. Bifold doors or patio doors onto the garden bring the garden inside and make the living space feel even larger. A conservatory can add around 7% to the value of your home and a garden room will add a little more – up to around 11% for an extension.

Refurb your kitchen or bathroom
A straightforward refurbishment of a kitchen or bathroom is one of the best ways to improve the saleability of your home, as well as adding value. Moving into a ready-to-move-into house is always a winner with any type of buyer. Even a modest improvement (no need for full lighting rigs and underwater radios!) is important for buyers and can add between 2.5 – 4.6% to the value of your home. If you do go with the remote sensor, voice activated shower set, with rainbow lights and wet room, well, you could eke out a few more percent, we’re sure! And whether you’re looking for a full bathroom renovation, a refresh of flooring or tiling, we’re experts in these improvements.

As with everything, you can create your own ideas and get to work, or you can seek advice from an expert in the field. At AJG Construction we work hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver the best renovations and refurbishments that are as great to live in as they are to look at.

Get in touch for a free no obligation estimate and we’ll chat about your ideas for your home improvements, no matter how large or small.

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