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Guide to Creating extra space for hobbies

Published on Tuesday, 4th April 2017

Categories: Extensions

Planning desk with model of a house

There can come a time when your hobby starts to overtake the house, or you might just want a quiet room to yourself to indulge in your hobby without being disturbed. If this is the case then there are several different options to choose from to create the extra room that you need.



If you have a garage, consider converting this into a hobby room. Garages are often underutilised and they can often become a dumping ground for objects that rarely get used.  Use your conversion as an opportunity to transform the garage area and create new space for your hobby.


Another popular choice for creating a hobby room is the loft. As with garages, loft spaces in houses are often underused; a successful conversion will make the most of the already existing space, and provide a quiet place to participate in your hobby.


If the property has basement space, you might also consider converting this into a hobby room; a basic conversion can be done relatively quickly, however, because of the location there will be some extra aspects that need to be considered such as drain diversions and ease of access.


Alternatively, if you don’t want to convert an area of the home, you might want to consider having an extension   built exclusively for the purpose of your hobby.

Planning permission and permitted development

The next thing to consider is whether or not your plans for conversion and extension would be considered a permitted development. If your project does fall under this category then you won’t need to get planning permission to go ahead.

However, you’ll still need to contact building control and ensure that the new conversion or extension is built to the specified standards.

Discuss your plans

Before your plans can move any further ahead, you’ll need to find a local contractor who can help make your hobby room a reality. Find a local firm with a reliable reputation and ask for their advice on how the project should advance.

A contractor will be able to give an opinion on whether or not the project is viable and what restrictions there might be.  In addition, a professional firm will discuss all of the possible options for the conversion, and help you to draw up a detailed plan so the plans for the conversion can move ahead.

Consider the costs

If you have decided the conversion or extension is something you really want to proceed with, there will have to be careful consideration to the costs. It is not just the price of the work that needs to be thought about, you will also have to consider the costs of building control applications and inspections. The local council will be able to tell its schedule of fees; include these into your total budget.


After consulting a local firm, they are likely to have given you a detailed plan, and they would have explained the preparations that need to be made in order for the project get started.

Start your preparations early to help minimise stress and to advance the plans for your new conversion as quickly as possible.

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