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Extensions for growing families

Published on Friday, 3rd March 2017

Categories: Extensions

Garage conversion

Research shows that home extensions are becoming an increasingly popular option for home owners in the UK, and there are many different reasons why it might become necessary to build a home extension to cater for a growing family. For instance:

  • A family might plan on having more children and need an extra bedroom but don’t want the stress of moving
  • Teenaged children might want a bit of extra space to themselves
  • You might have an older relative who needs to move in
  • Or you could be getting married and becoming part of a larger family, and need extra space for people to stay over

The planning stages

If the decision has been made to going to go ahead with an extension, then it is a good idea to plan the project as soon as possible. It is worthwhile considering contacting a local construction firm in the early stages in order to get a realistic idea of the budget, and to get a better idea of what to expect when the construction process is underway.

Planning permission and building control

Another thing to consider is planning permission and building control. Many extensions will come under permitted planning, which means you won’t need permission, but check with your local council first, or ask a local construction firm for advice.

Building control is another issue to consider; this might all seem overwhelming, but with a professional construction firm offering advice this side of the project will be much easier to manage

Your house extension options

There are a number of different options you might consider for your extension, including a one-storey or two-storey extension, or converting the existing space like a garage or a loft is also an option.

Detailed below are some of the most popular options choose from for adding extra space to your home:

One storey extension

A one-storey extension is a good option for people who want some extra kitchen space or maybe an extra bathroom. Single storey extensions can be built on the side, front or rear of the home.

Two storey extension

If you require even more space, then it’s worth considering a two-storey extension, especially if you plan on growing your family and would prefer to stay in your current home rather than considering moving.

Garage conversion

Another option is a garage conversion.  This could be ideal for a playroom or for creating extra room if you have teenagers who want to invite friends over and have a bit of space themselves.

The main advantage of a garage conversion is it shouldn’t need planning approval, but this won’t always be the case; check with the local authorities first.

Loft conversion

Most householders don’t make the most of the space that they have in their loft; whether it is an extra bedroom or extra space for a play or hobby room, a loft conversion is a popular way of converting already existing space into the extra room that is needed.

As well as adding vital added living space, the above options will all add extra value to your home.

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