DIY tips during coronavirus

It is very tempting to get cracking on the DIY projects you have been itching to get started, or finished, now that we are in a lockdown.

But, and it’s a big but, NHS surgeons have issued a warning for the public to take extra care when undertaking DIY at home as there has been a spike in injuries caused by gardening and DIY activities over that last few weeks and the last place anyone wants to be right now is in hospital unless they absolutely have to be.

With this in mind, here are our top five tips for safely carrying out DIY at home and in the garden.

Top 5 Tips for DIY during coronavirus

  1. PPE
    We have heard a lot about PPE over the last few weeks and it is equally important that you wear the correct safety equipment when undertaking potentially dangerous DIY jobs at home. Wear eye shields if you are drilling or sanding, steel toe cap boots if you are moving heavy items, overalls to protect your clothes from dust particles so that you don’t breath them in later, a dust mask to protect your lungs from airborne dust and debris when working and adequate strength gloves for the task you are completing whether it is indoors or in the garden. Don’t forget sunscreen if you are working in the sunshine!
  2. Tools
    Always use the correct tools for the job and ensure that they are in sound working order.
  3. Parts and products
    Ensure the parts and products you are using are supplied by reputable companies and are only used for the purpose for which they are intended.
  4. Stay safe stay home
    Government advice is to stay safe and stay home to protect yourself, others and the NHS. Whilst DIY stores have closed their doors, their websites are still open, and some are offering both Click & Collect and Home Delivery. Unless the job you are completing is classed as essential and home delivery is not possible, then we would say Click & Collect following the Government guidelines only, otherwise opt for Home Delivery.
  5. Book a professional
    The other option is to wait. Depending on the type of job you are doing, it may be that it simply has to wait until business can get back to normal and you can call on a local professional to do the job for you Of course, if you do attempt DIY following all sensible precautions and something goes wrong or you just want some professional advice – AJG are on hand to help via our Video Chat service which can be located on the blue bar at the top of every page on the AJG website, see below:
  6. Only by taking every precaution possible would we advise that you undertake DIY jobs at this time, no matter how right the timing might seem.
  7. Social Distancing
  8. During this challenging time, any works undertaken by our team are done under the strictest of controls, regular sanitisation of our work area and adherence to World Health Organisation recommendations.

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