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How to choose a bathroom installer in Staffordshire

Published on Friday, 12th January 2018

Categories: Bathrooms, Home Improvement

You’ve decided it’s time for a new bathroom and you’ve already started eyeing up rainfall showers with fancy jets and speakers for your ceiling… There’s lots to consider when planning a new bathroom. Expert advice while you plan is the ideal way to ensure that your big ideas work in your space – and don’t cause you any big headaches later on. Choosing the right bathroom installer for your home is key.

How to choose a bathroom installer in Staffordshire

AJG Construction is a family-run business, based in Staffordshire, with 30 years collective experience of planning and installing new bathrooms, with and without fancy showers and roll-top baths. Here are our top tips for advice on how to choose a bathroom installer for your bathroom refurb.

1. Location, location, Staffordshire location

It’s easy enough to find tradespeople for your refurb if you’re based in Staffordshire, but are they local? Reducing stress with locally-based businesses can be a real help. It may sound irrelevant, but you’ll probably want to query things, maybe check out a previous client’s bathroom, or have a few planning meetings before getting started. Being local, knowing the best suppliers in the area (and which roads to avoid at rush hour!) can all help when taking on a project like this.

2. Who do your friends recommend?

Have your neighbours, work colleagues, school-gate pals been raving about a builder or installer near you? Spending money on a new bathroom can be an investment and not only do you want to trust your bathroom will look fabulous, you also want it to be seamless and hassle-free. If someone has had a good experience with an installer they will tell you (and vice versa!). A good builder will happily share past clients’ images and showcase their work.

3. Case studies & photos

Following on from word-of-mouth recommendations above, ‘desk research’ of an installer’s past work can help. Checking out websites with photos of recent projects, plus social media accounts will help you to get form an opinion of whether an installer is right for you. Have they done anything similar to the bathroom style you are looking for? Are there any interesting before and after shots to inspire you? Like what you see? You can also use Trust a Trader or Check a Trade for more reviews.

4. How much do you want your bathroom installers to do?

Costs can be saved by removing your old bathroom suite yourself, or even by undertaking some aspects of the bathroom refurbishment yourself. Perhaps you enjoy tiling? Otherwise, make sure that everything you expect to be covered on your estimate is covered. Are you happy with the deposit amount and with the schedule? Be willing to negotiate either if you wish. Do check the details of your estimate with your installers, to make sure you both understand the terms. One man’s waste is another man’s bathroom suite, or something like that 🙂

5. Do you like them enough?

Sounds odd and a bit blunt, but it’s true. At the end of the day your new bathroom is going to take time to create. Whether it’s a two-day refresh, or a two-week refurb, your installers are going to be in your house. Do you like them? Do they work to the standards you do? Would you be happy making them a cup of tea? If not, would you be happy to have them in your house – even if they did bring their own flask?! Time spent getting to know your bathroom installers will pay dividends in getting just the new bathroom that you want. So, if you aren’t sure you can handle their jokes… maybe they’re just not your bathroom bag.

6. Go with your gut feeling

You might not technically be a bathroom professional, but this is your home and your project. What feels right is important to you and your bathroom installer should respect that. Whether you prefer carpet, cork or crazy tiling, your home should be your choice. So, don’t feel pressurised at any part of the journey. Your gut feeling is important and your happiness is too.

Whether you’re looking for a full bathroom renovation, a refresh of flooring or tiling, or a brand new en-suite building into your bedroom, we’ll work with you to deliver the bathroom that’s as good to look at as it is to soak away the hours in.

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