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Al Fresco Dining Terrace Project in Penkridge Staffordshire

Here we were retained by the customer to build a large 88 Square Meter terrace to make a nice al fresco entertainment area where they could enjoy the stunning views from the rear of the property. When we first took a look we noticed that there was quite a large step down from the doors to ground level and so we suggested either adding steps down or raising the height of the terrace to lessen the drop. The client chose to raise the entire terrace to 1 brick below the doors to make the terrace easily accessible from both the house and the grounds.

We firstly laid the foundation for a small retaining wall and then put in 2 courses of reclaimed brick (To match the property) to raise the terrace to the correct height, the area was then filled with 20 tonnes of hard core in order to raise the level to the point required. Once this was done our electrician came in and ran the cabling required for the walk over up-lighters the client had chosen which obviously needed to be done before we could start laying the slabs.

Once all the cabling was in place we could bed the slabs down on 100 mm of sand and cement. In all we used 88 square meters of slabs and just over 12 tonnes of sand and cement as the client decided that they wanted the terrace to wrap around the side of the property so they could re-locate the gas bottles used for the fire in the lounge to the side out of the way.

We think that the finished terrace is amazing and we know the client is over the moon, just check out what he had to say below.


Julian S – Penkridge – Terrace Project

“I have been absolutely blown away by AJG Construction from the first meeting through to the finished terrace, their insight and suggestions opened up a whole new world of opportunity and we have ended up with a terrace that was beyond¬†anything we could have imagined at the start. The team are all experts and their attention to detail is unbelievable, we still cannot believe they have built the whole terrace using full slabs throughout. We both think it is especially amazing at night with the lights on which again was all Alex’s idea and as far as we are concerned worth every penny.

If you need any type of building work done then you cannot get any better than the guys at AJG”

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