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Building A Bespoke Home

Published on Monday, 1st October 2018

Categories: Extensions, Home Improvement, Renovation

What is custom home development and what are the benefits?

The housing development market in the UK is currently booming with increasing amounts of new-build developments beginning across many areas of the country to frantically meet Government targets. New-build homes offer plenty of benefits to home owners as they can be bought in the knowledge that the new owners will need to do very little compared to buying an older house which may require repairs (on average up to £45,000!) or even complete renovations.

Building A Bespoke Home

Whilst many potential new home owners like the idea of a new build property, new developments can sometimes be criticised for their one-dimensional look and lack of charm and personality associated with older houses.

If you are looking for the reliability and convenience of a new home but want the wow factor of a grand design or charm and personality akin to a period property, then custom home development might be your perfect solution to get the best of both worlds.

So, what exactly is custom home development?

Home development that you can have a say in

Like buying a house and changing the interior once you move in to make the house your home, custom home development allows you to make sure that you are moving in to the home of your dreams without having to make any changes once you are moved in.

The process of custom home development involves hiring an architect or designer to create a bespoke home based on your own design ideas and requirements. The home will usually be built on a new home development where you will invest in the plot of land your home will be built upon, but instead of the company who owns the land building you a stock home, you will hire a designer and team of builders to create a home personal to you and your family.

Custom home development extends further than just the interior appearance of your home, your bespoke home design will include the exact layout of your home including the size and number of rooms and where they will be situated within the home.

It is important to hire a qualified construction team to help you with any custom home development. They will be able to assist you with any and all planning applications as well as ensuring that your build complies with all up to date building regulations. A specialised custom build construction company will help to ensure that you project is completed on time, on budget and to the highest standard.

The benefits of a custom home build

Having a new home built to your own specific design has many benefits which extend to just the novelty of living in a home which you know is different to anyone else’s. One of the biggest benefits is having the layout of your home designed to your specific requirements. This is extremely important for families who include people who have mobility problems or need specialised equipment. Being able to design your own home with those needs and requirements in mind can save families a lot of stress and hassle trying to find or alter an existing home in order to accommodate this.

Another benefit of custom home development is that while it may initially cost a little extra than buying a new build designed and built by developers, it will also make your property more desirable and more valuable if you decide to sell in the future. Being able to boast an exclusively designed and built home will be a unique selling point and set your home apart from all of the other properties in the development or vicinity which will typically be very similar to one another.

Opting to have a custom home development also allows you to make your home as energy efficient as possible. You will have the option to include high levels of insulation as well as include energy saving water systems and energy saving lighting and heating systems. You can also specify that only environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are used in the building of your home. For those who are conscious of the impact that they have on the environment, and want to save money on their energy bills, custom home development can be the ideal solution.

You only have to watch one episode of Grand Designs to understand the emotional joy a custom home build brings, chat to us about taking your first step to a bespoke build.

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