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Bathroom Remodel / Renovation in & around Staffordshire

  • First stage – Choosing the bathroom suite they’d like
  • Second stage – Removing and disposing
  • Third stage – Plumbing
  • Fourth stage – Plastering
  • Fifth stage – Tiling
  • Sixth stage – Fit & Install

First stage – choosing the bathroom suite they’d like.

The customer decides on the lay out of the bathroom – where they’d like their sink, bath, toilet and shower positioned. The type of suite they’d like and the finish of the bathroom as well (this entails everything down to the type of lighting (spot lights?) and the finish (tiling, tile beading, plastering for a smooth wall etc)

*throughout the first stage, we work alongside our customer to offer our suggestions as well as guidance in order to guarantee the customer is getting what they need and want, as well as making it stress free for themselves. We can supply and order materials as well as the suite if customer wishes us to do so.

Second stage –  Removing and disposing.

All the existing bathroom suite will be removed including waste pipes (carries away dirty/used water) and pipe feeds (supplies water to bathroom utilities – toilet, sink, bath, radiator and shower). We remove and dispose of all the rubbish as well as the old suite so the customer doesn’t have to.

Third stage – Installation of new pipe work and wastes

All new pipe work (pipe feeds and waste pipes) will be supplied, fitted and installed to where the new bathroom facilities will be positioned.

Fourth stage – Plastering

If tiling is chosen as the finish, when old tiling is removed the likelihood is they will damage the wall behind. Plastering will be required before new tiles are added to ensure a level and smooth finish. When tiling the floor we also suggest using no more ply before laying the tiles ensuring the best possible finish. Plastering will also be done if the customer just wishes to have smooth walls but no tiling.

Fifth stage – Tiling

Customer chooses tiles and grout colour.

Sixth stage – Installation of bathroom suite

Fit new bathroom suite i.e. shower screen, cupboards as well as the utilities (toilet, sink, bath, radiator and shower)

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