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Autumn Home Décor Trends

Published on Wednesday, 4th October 2017

Categories: Decor and Design, Home Improvement

Ah season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Or season of darkness, drizzle and damp air. Whether you’re an avid autumn fan, or you’re mourning the loss of your summer, there are plenty of autumn trends to brighten up your home (and your mood) this season…

From dark and moody wall colourings to multi-textured materials, we’re feeling cosy and comfy this autumn. You’ll also be pleased to know loft and garage conversions and open-plan extensions are still in style! Decorate your home with colourful shades, rich, thick textures and definitely no more painting all the walls white. Is that clear? We’ll see you at the colour mixer!

White is out and colour is back

Finally, we don’t have to keep everything clinically clean all of the time (hooray)! The colour palettes of autumn are rich, earthy tones with plenty of warmth. This goes for everything, from floor tiling to teapots. Think dark forest greens and rustic mustards. Farewell white, your glory days are over. If you don’t do anything else this season, just repaint your accent walls in dashing darks. Cosy.


Textures are hot this autumn, complementing the warm colours seen at trade shows and in home décor magazines. Where white’s best friend was a high gloss smooth finish, this season is all about textures and tones. Terracotta tiles are back, as are wooden features and sumptuous luxury. So, kick out the cool and bring back the chintz. No, we don’t believe we just said it, either.

Leather, wood, terracotta tiles, it’s all here.

Open plan is still king

Despite the cooler days and darker evenings, outdoor living and open plan style is still in vogue this autumn. Conversions and garden room extensions are still on-trend, simply add in thick autumn throws and plenty of soft furnishings to get that ski chalet vibe.


It’s super-luxe and super smooth… get your jazz music out this season as velvet makes a comeback. Couple it with the dark shades of autumn and you’re bang on trend. If full-on velvet isn’t for you, combine it with accents. Maybe keep those shiny new window shutters, but add-in headboards, cushions and other accessories to easily update a room.

Matt sheen

Gloss is so last season. The new bathroom trend is matt black, to be found on everything from wood to wicker. Get ahead of the curve and go matt black in your kitchen too. It’s bound to make its way there next season. For an easy win in the kids’ rooms, use blackboard paint and paper. Genius.

Secret chill out rooms

Autumn is all about the calm before the storm. Whether it’s a space under the stairs, a corner of the loft or the whole garage, the trend is for tech-free Scandi style sanctuaries, where your autumn trends all combine into a glorious sensual silence. Go mad and get your velvet, multi-textured, earth-hued mellowness here. Candles and chess boards optional.

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