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10 things to consider when creating open plan living spaces

Published on Wednesday, 4th January 2017

Categories: Home Improvement

Open plan living room

Open plan spaces make a house look larger and brighter, but there is far more to think about than just the visual appeal. Here are ten of the things to consider when creating an open living space.

  1. Structure

When considering an open plan living space, one of the first thoughts should be how your house is structured. With some properties, this might not be too much of a problem, however, in some cases a significant amount of structural work will need to be carried out before an open plan living space is possible.

  1. Layout

The next consideration should be the lay out. Make sure you plan where everything will go. From the storage space to the kitchen furniture, everything will have to be planned perfectly to maximise your new space and show it off to the best effect.

  1. Cost/value

It is a sensible idea to weigh up the cost vs the value of creating an open living space. Will the cost of completing the work add a significant amount of value to your home and is the added value going to justify the expense?

  1. Skylights

As part of your open plan living space, do you intend to install skylights for a lighter, brighter room with a more open feel? And what are the cost implications for installing a skylight?

  1. Privacy

One of the major disadvantages of an open plan living space is it can leave some people feeling like they lack privacy. If you’re one of those people who like their private space, then the layout is something you’ll need to give serious consideration to.

  1. Noise

Many people find that noise can be a problem with open plan living spaces; this can add to stress levels and make the atmosphere more fraught. However, with some careful planning in the early stages it is possible to help curb some of the noise; if you are concerned that an increase in noise levels might be a problem, speak to a construction firm about this.

  1. Temperatures

Keeping an open living space warm enough or cool enough can be a problem, and in the winter – when the heating is usually on full – this could add  to the costs of your heating bill.

  1. Clutter control

If you decide to go ahead with an open plan living space, you’ll need to keep on top of clutter control. The kitchen will be in full view of everyone so you’ll have to make an extra effect to keep everything looking tidy.

  1. Shelving

You’ll also need to give consideration to the type of shelves you want to have fitted. Some shelving has a tendency to make an open plan living space look overly cluttered. Your best option is open shelving for a bright, clutter free look that enhances the appearance rather than detracting from it.

  1. Lighting

As the lighting will help to create an atmosphere, don’t leave the decision over the lighting until the last moment. Suitable lighting will largely depend on the size of the space. For instance, a larger space will benefit from having different lighting for different areas.

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